Commercial Insurance

Owning a business is a commonly sought after dream here in Texas. Many want the freedom of being their own boss . They want to be able to provide for themselves and families through the fruits of their labor.

Yet, business people often forget that all their hard work can be for naught after one accident. These Texans fail to purchase adequate commercial insurance to cover their enterprises in times of need. Usually, they say the insurance premiums cost too much.

Fortunately, Stone Agency offers some of the most affordable and comprehensive commercial insurance in Texas. No business should go without coverage because it cannot afford it. Contact us at Stone Agency for a quote that will make sense to your wallet.

What are some general kinds of commercial insurance?

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

This insurance protects business owners against lawsuits. Many businesses face claims for bodily injuries that occur on their property. Others get sued for false advertising or making untrue comments about another company.

Supplemental Liability

It may be necessary to supplement an existing policy with excess liability or umbrella insurance. In this litigious society, businesses find some lawsuits more expense than they thought possible. Excess and umbrella insurance policies pay above the general liability amount when needed.

Commercial Property Insurance

This kind of insurance helps owners pay for damage done to physical structures, such as farms, office buildings and restaurants. Instead of being wiped out by an accident, the owner can replace or rebuild their business.

Types of Commercial Property Policies

  • Basic for fires, storms and similar losses.
  • Broad for common perils, such as structural damage.
  • Special for natural disasters that are generally unavoidable.

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