Home Insurance

Many Texans work hard for years to realize the dream of homeownership. These people know that real estate remains one of the surest ways of acquiring and maintaining wealth. Buying adequate home insurance is a necessary step in protecting this dream. Without it, a household can lose its dwelling, furniture and other items in an accident.

Yet, it is common for some to forgo this necessary protection because they believe it too expensive. Then when disaster strikes, they realize their mistake.

Fortunately, Stone Agency has some of the most extensive and affordable home insurance in Texas. Contact us to discuss our wide range of coverage. You and your family will feel safe and secure knowing we are here to provide support in times of need.

Personal Liability-In case owner sued for an accident on the property.

1. Comprehensive Coverage Broad protection that takes care of most common losses, unless specifically excluded by the written terms of the contract.

2. Specified Perils CoverageCovers homes and property in certain situations explicitly mentioned in the contract.

Speak an agent at Stone Agency today about what specific policy type would be best for you, because we offer a variety.

What can you do to help us keep your home secure?

We want you to be safe in this dangerous world. Always remove hazards from your property. Keep driveways clear of obstructions, fallen trees out of yards and gutters free of trash. Also, crime proof your abode. Alarm systems come highly recommended. You do your part and we will be there to help when all else fails.

Get Started Protecting Your Present and Future

Come into the Stone Agency or use our convenient online quoting tool to find out just how affordable home insurance can be here in Texas.